NetShip's Chartering Division manages diverse cargo vessels worldwide, providing solutions from voyage to time charters, optimizing utilization and profitability for clients.

Our Chartering Division represents vessel owners and charterers globally. Our primary goal is to maximize vessel utilization. Our chartering staff is experienced in handling various types of cargo vessels, encompassing all modes of vessel employment from voyage and time charters to Contracts of Affreightment (COAs), as well as spot and period employment. We are committed to providing comprehensive coverage of all available options with minimal response time. Our practical approach includes dedicated advocacy for both owners and charterers. Above all, it is our creativity and initiative that distinguish us. We offer:


Comprehensive Freight Management

Full service, from fixing to collecting balance freight and demurrage


Voyage Planning and Estimation

Voyage estimations and voyage calculations.


Profit-Optimized Charter Fixing

Ability to always fix at levels that will result in maximum profits for the client.


Strategic Spot Trading

Spot trading when advantageous to maximize income

CMI oversees all aspects of a charterer's cargo requirements, from vessel selection to voyage completion, ensuring seamless operations. NetShip's expertise ensures meticulous handling for efficiency and client satisfaction

Netship’s Chartering Division oversees a wide range of cargo vessels across the globe, offering flexible solutions from voyage to time charters. Our expertise lies in optimizing vessel utilization and profitability, ensuring our clients’ needs are met efficiently and effectively. 


Global Market Engagement

Staying in touch with the world market.


Contract Negotiation Assurance

Negotiating contract details to ensure the chartered vessel is capable of handling the cargo in a damage-free manner


Active Dispute Resolution and Support

Staying closely involved, assisting in any disputes, assisting in laytime calculations, and collection of despatch.


Diverse Fleet Availability

Having available a diversified fleet of in-house vessels.

We have analyzed new building and conversion scenarios across various industries, particularly for companies looking to enter or expand in international markets.

Additionally, we provide comprehensive financial analysis to support our sales and purchasing efforts. As globalization progresses, we have successfully integrated importers and exporters into international trade, enabling them to expand their market reach.


Strategic Trade Analysis

We specialize in analyzing new building and conversion scenarios, empowering companies to enter or expand in international markets with confidence


Financial Advisory Services

Our team offers comprehensive financial analysis to support sales and purchasing efforts, ensuring strategic decisions are backed by sound financial insights.


Global Market Integration

With our expertise, we seamlessly integrate importers and exporters into the global trade landscape, extending their market control and enhancing competitiveness.


Market Expansion Solutions

Netship facilitates the expansion of businesses into international markets, offering tailored solutions to meet the evolving demands of global trade and commerce.

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