Port Agency

Our Port Agency Services are designed to handle all aspects of port operations, ensuring a smooth transition from sea to shore.

The extensive experience of our employees, together with our quality of service and high-level professionalism, allows NetShip the opportunity to provide you with service exceeding the industry standards. Our outstanding reputation with our current clients attests to our high quality of services. NetShip would be pleased to provide you with references upon request. We are ready to provide the above services at the most competitive market prices while maintaining the highest quality. We would like to be your agent and are ready to provide you with the following services:


Arrival and Departure Arrangements

Coordinating seamless entry and exit procedures for vessels at ports


Loading and Discharging Attendance

Overseeing the efficient loading and unloading of cargo


Liaison with Authorities and Communications Assistance

Facilitating communication and compliance with port and regulatory authorities.


Monitoring of Vessel Operations

Continuous oversight of vessel activities to ensure operational efficiency.


Crew Change Assistance

Managing smooth transitions for crew joining or leaving the vessel.


Crew Handling: Shore Passes, Hotel Bookings, Travel Arrangements

Handling all crew logistics, from shore permissions to accommodations and travel.


Crew Medical Assistance

Providing necessary medical support and services for crew members.


Cash to Master Deliveries

Secure delivery of cash for ship’s master to manage onboard expenses.


Bunkers & Lubricants Supply

Supplying essential fuels and lubricants to maintain vessel operations.


Freshwater, Spare Part Supply

Ensuring timely provision of freshwater and critical spare parts.


Motorboat and Car Service

Providing transportation services for crew and operational needs.


Underwater Inspection and Fixing Service

Conducting underwater checks and repairs to maintain vessel integrity.


Coordination of Class Attendances

Organizing necessary inspections and certifications for compliance

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